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Throw them in Joe….

One of my favorite episodes of Sanford & Son…

Glamourous Poker?

Hey… Did I miss something? If these guys only knew the extent of how the game of poker has transformed into the current card game with its plethora of variants. Also….whodathunk that poker would actually become… sexy?

Chinese Poker

I had a student last week tell me about the card game Kemps and Chinese Poker. I finally sat down and checked out both, but actually played Chinese Poker on Action Poker today. Pretty challenging having to set three hands. You are dealt thirteen cards to make 2-five card hands and one 3-card hand where straights and flushes does not count (you can make only – three of a kind, pair or high card with this hand). For more info, check out this site.

Poker Pros & Twitter

This post is a great recommendation for you to get into the minds of the poker pros via twitter. Thanks goes out to for in compiling this list. It would be great to have my name on this list. Well, ya never know…

$pring Break 2011

Hmmm…. Get $$ right to go to Vegas for Spring Break 2011? Yes! Today was pretty chill. Was able to stop by Blockbuster and picked up a couple cool poker flicks. I’ll prob blog about them later – Casino Royale and Shade… Later this evening I’ll hit up some PubPoker at the Tilted Kilt. I’ll share details how I came through. Yesterday I got kicked out again by my opponent’s str8.. my weakness, eh?