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2017, already?

I guess its time for me to revive this blog. I must admit that I have not been active, but as I get older, one gets wiser. And it is good to share one’s wisdom. I am still moving but with time, it get’s more challenging. I’m still running, cycling and swimming. Those that follow me on Strava can attest to my diligence to consistency. Actually, I’m writing this post to procrastinate in running this afternoon. Anyway let me get out on this warm, rainy day and grab some fresh air!

My Review of Mens Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoe

Originally submitted at Road Runner Sports

Men’s NIKE® AIR PEGASUS+ 30 :: Run solid, soaking up comfort in the amazing cushioning and support that you’ve come to expect from this legendary running shoe that now offers an enhanced fit, the newly upgraded edition, the men’s Nike® Air Pegasus+ 30. Run protected in soft cushioning while getting…

Just bought a 2nd pair

By bigmalik from Charlotte, NC on 6/1/2014


5out of 5

Pros: Cushions Impact, Good Traction, Durable, Comfortable

Cons: Wears Out Quickly

Best Uses: Road Running

Describe Yourself: Gym Rat

Was this a gift?: No

Started to pick up the Pegasus 31’s but they don’t include the shoe pod. I tried other brands such as Asics, and Pumas, but they don’t give the cushioning that these 30’s give. I also love the traction they give on the road. Sometimes getting gravel stuck in your sole is a little annoying but I guess I’ve learned to stick with what works. It doesn’t hurt that they are at a much reasonable price at this time!


#MooreToSee / Route provided by Freewheelers of Sptbg

One sunny weekend in April I went on a ride in a pamphlet from the City of Spartanburg (via the Freewheelers). The route called “Moore to See” listed for only 34 miles. Checking my data provided by my Garmin Edge 500 on Strava, I ran 32.0mi which was very close.

I throughly enjoyed the route until I encountered loose dogs twice. However, the ride was fun and provided challenging hills along the way. If you desire to check it out, you can download the route to your GPS device on the same site that has the map.

Click to access BikeMap-Heading-West.pdf


That what I do now… I’ve ran many 5K’s, several 10K’s, and completed my first half-marathon last weekend. My goal in 2014 is to do a marathon in Oct, and in 2015 attempt a triathlon. I’m planning to take some swimming lessons in Feb and plan to take some spin classes at the gym. Let’s go…

Everyone has a bad day…

…especially when you decide to play with lil’ snowmen.

Inadequate card shuffling?

Does it really matter how many times you riffle shuffle (as illustrated) your cards before you play a hand in any card game? Well…I caught a blurb out of Amir Aczel’s book, Chance where he stated that:

“six or seven riffle shuffles are sufficient to produce a well-shuffled deck. …fewer than five shuffles is notably insufficient”

Apparently mathematicians have determined that to actually randomize a deck of cards the above must occur. So, I guess that (when playing poker) might explain the high occurances of pairs and trips if a deck is not properly shuffled. This leads to my question… When in play, is it a true fair game if the cards are not shuffled at least six times?

Anyway not sure if this information is valuable, but it is good to know.

Throw them in Joe….

One of my favorite episodes of Sanford & Son…

Glamourous Poker?

Hey… Did I miss something? If these guys only knew the extent of how the game of poker has transformed into the current card game with its plethora of variants. Also….whodathunk that poker would actually become… sexy?

Chinese Poker

I had a student last week tell me about the card game Kemps and Chinese Poker. I finally sat down and checked out both, but actually played Chinese Poker on Action Poker today. Pretty challenging having to set three hands. You are dealt thirteen cards to make 2-five card hands and one 3-card hand where straights and flushes does not count (you can make only – three of a kind, pair or high card with this hand). For more info, check out this site.

Poker Pros & Twitter

This post is a great recommendation for you to get into the minds of the poker pros via twitter. Thanks goes out to for in compiling this list. It would be great to have my name on this list. Well, ya never know…